The best way to lose weight boils down to these three things

As humans, we have justified the enjoyment of certain things even when they have been known to pose risks to our health simply because we have regarded those things as being part of the essence of living, and trying to exist without them could be synonymous to not living at all.

The things we hold to such esteem differs for every one of us, and for a good number, it is sweets. Now, having a sweet tooth is where you have the preference for eating sugary food rather than healthy ones, you know, like the greens.

Doctors have a lot to say about sweet teeth and the danger it poses to our health, but it is also generally understood that having a sweet tooth causes a lot of hindrance when looking to lose weight.

On Collected.Reviews, it is for this reason many cut sweets in their diets, and generally reconsider their meal choices.

Below are five tips that help to lose weight when you have a sweet tooth:

1.     Schedule sweet purges:

Going cold turkey on sweets when you have a sweet tooth may just be as hard as withdrawing from an addiction, because that is what it is on some level. This is why you may need to schedule times you allow yourself to go haywire on the sweets. Is it cookies? Do not have them till a particular time that works along with your new meal plan. Allow yourself to just a specific serving of that particular sweet.

2.     Make or bake, not buy:

The fact that you are able to buy whatever sweets you are craving makes it a little harder to withdraw. If you however discipline yourself to only have sweets that have been made by you, you would notice a significant reduction in your sweet intake. This, for two reasons: The time involved may be discouraging; but you also get to swap certain ingredients for its healthy counterpart, or reduce fattening ingredients in there.

3.     Introduce fruits, and get creative:

Fruits, apart from being sweet (well, some) can be filling, making it a healthy option. Make it a habit to buy fruits whenever you are going grocery shopping. Having them at home will allow you the option of simply taking them as opposed to stepping out to buy sweets.

4.     Get creative with your sweets:

So you have these sweets, how about get creative with them? Make them into meals with some mix of some more healthy options? Berries, frozen bananas, dark chocolates? Dark chocolate has also been known to reduce food cravings unlike its milk counterpart, so you may want to incorporate it more in your sweets.

5.     More protein:

Protein has been recommended severally by dieticians for how much help it is with losing weight, and this is because it increases fullness, which lets you crave these sweets less. Going for snacks that are higher in protein than those in fats will also help.

Drinking water is important because when you are full, you crave these sweets less. It also works to cleanse your system, which leaves you healthier, which is the goal. It is also good to visit a Doctor or a dietician, as they trained, and will provide the best tips to follow for your body type. Who knows? Going cold turkey might just be the trick for you.