Are you a chronic alcoholic or you just love to take alcohol occasionally? Do you know that alcohol has a rippling effect on exercises?

Alcohol is mostly taken when people want to relax and have fun. A lot of people have claimed both alcohol and exercise makes them feel good, and this probably explained why they either take alcohol before or after exercises.

However, while taking alcohol before or during exercises might make you feel good, it might not have the same effect on another person, hence, its effect differs between individuals.

There are some surprising facts about alcohol and exercise which you might not know, and you would be able to discover them by the time you are done reading this article. Before then, you might want to read up on the reviews, feedback, comments and tips of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have patronized the food and drink industry regarding the effects of taking alcohol and exercising on

Drinking Before Exercising Weakens Your Motor Skills

Do you enjoy taking a little alcohol before exercising? Well, it is fine but you should avoid taking alcohol a few minutes to the time you will be hitting the gym as alcohol has a way of affecting your central nervous system. It weakens your motor skills and slows down your reaction. Therefore, you need to avoid taking alcohol before exercising.

Taking Alcohol after Exercises Prevents Your Body from Producing Anti-diuretic Hormones it Needs for Muscle Repairs

Most people are used to drinking after exercise, it’s even more common compared to drinking before exercises. This is wrong and harmful, as all you need after exercises is water to stimulate the repairs of your muscles. Consuming alcohol immediately will prevent your body from producing the much needed antidiuretic hormone that your body needs. So, while you may feel like having a good time drinking alcohol after exercises, you are actually harming your body system.

Alcohol Slows Down Healing and Disrupts Your Sleep

Most times, the reason we exercise more often is to relax the muscle and sleep well. However, a lot of people also believe that consuming alcohol will make them sleep well. But, do you know alcohol could disrupt your sleep as much as it puts you to sleep? While your muscles should be undergoing repairs while you sleep, alcohol disrupts the repairs. Also, if you take alcohol while injured, the injury might take longer to heal because alcohol will continuously stimulate blood to the injured area.

Alcohol Drains You of Energy Needed for Exercises

The impact of alcohol on the body disrupts your body from absorbing the necessary nutrients it needs to perform well athletically. When you exercise, your body needs more nutrients to build up so you don’t suffer nutrients deficiencies. Alcohol consumption only makes it worse because instead of staying fit, it makes you lose energy, and your liver cells which are important for maintaining your muscles will not be able to activate more vitamins D.

Taking Alcohol Before or After Exercises Makes it Difficult for the Body to Recover

When you consume too much alcohol, getting a hangover is certain, and the same happens when you exercise vigorously. Your body finds it difficult to recover from the excess alcohol and the impacts of the exhausting physical exercise.

Alcohol consumption isn’t entirely bad, but taking alcohol before or after physical exercises is not in any way advisable. It slows your body system down, delays recovery, disrupts your sleep, and rids the body of the needed energy required to exercise.