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Almost every piece of information related to COVID-19 test procedures and kits raises speculations in people’s minds. Many parts of the world, including India, are still suffering from this pandemic. The rising concern is filling people’s minds with questions and queries related to the tests and which one to choose. And of all three testing procedures, the antigen test for Covid is under consideration for most people. 

Yes, some are saying it does not work, some believe it is just for assurance, while some are passing on the myths without verifying the facts. But not all we hear collectively as a group is true. Here are the most popular myths related to rapid antigen tests that we need to know the truth about!  

Popularly Known Myths About Antigen Test For Covid 

Myths make us believe the wrong things to be right! And every speculation related to a new thing is likely to create numerous opinions. Here are the most common myths we keep hearing about the antigen test for Covid. Let us look at the facts of these prevailing misconceptions. 

1. Antigen Tests Are Free of Cost 

Many people are preaching that the one-day-result tests are free of cost as the government is paying for the kits! Well, all tests are free or cost a negligible amount in government hospitals, but that depends upon the central and state entities. And getting slots there seems problematic because of the increasing rush. Click here https://spicehealth.com/book-rapid-antigen-test/ to know more.

2. All Antigen Tests Are Inaccurate 

No, the inaccuracy of Antigen tests depends upon several factors. The brand of the testing kit, the process of sample collection and test, and the presence of the protein that detects the virus affect the results. So, choosing the best lab that uses the most productive kits will give the best and most accurate results. 

3. It Is Same In All Labs 

No, the testing kits might be the same in some laboratories, but some factors change the effectiveness of the results. It depends on the reliability and authenticity of the lab to deliver the most accurate results and use all the required precautions to ensure its credibility. 

4. It Is Not Effective On Older People 

Yes, a prevailing myth states that the antigen test for Covid is not much effective on older people as their samples may not have the required amount of surface protein of the virus. On the contrary, older people are likely to get accurate results, given the virus spreading faster and people stronger in their system. It becomes a problem when the virus has a low concentration in the body which is a result of good immunity. 

5. Labs Are Charging High For Antigen Tests 

Every certified lab has its fee charge for all kinds of COVID-19 tests. The rates are not the same in every lab, and therefore, one can get varied rates in different labs. 

Key Takeaway: Trust The Best Testing Laboratory 

All these myths do not make any stance as long as one uses the best laboratory for getting the antigen test for Covid done. The results depend upon the proficiency of the technicians who take the samples and use them for the tests. Problems in sample collection or an untrue testing process may lead these myths to be true! But there are some of the best and certified labs in Delhi and other parts of the country where we can have faith. One must analyse the options before making a move! 

Take an antigen test for Covid in case of an emergency or when the symptoms are too prominent to neglect. The best laboratory will deliver as accurate results as possible. And there is no reason to distrust this testing process completely!